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21-22 Student Companies

Brain Wave

Keep your brain sharp!

View Brain Wave About Brain Wave

Motivational Vision Planner

Helping you to succeed, one day at a time!

View Motivational Vision Planner About Motivational Vision Planner


The next innovation of cord organization.

View Cordinator About Cordinator

Desert Pouch

Keep your personal belongings as dry as a desert!

View Desert Pouch About Desert Pouch

Health Hub

Invest in yourself with Health Hub!

View Health Hub About Health Hub


Up your speaking game with Watch Your Mouth!

View InnoVistics About InnoVistics

JA Customs

Express yourself.

View JA Customs About JA Customs

Positive Vibes

Positivity to take with you!

View Positive Vibes About Positive Vibes


Connect with the important people in your life - and thank veterans at the same time!

View ReConnect About ReConnect


Help preserve memories with Rememory

View Rememory About Rememory


Start your self care journey with Sababa.

View Sababa About Sababa

Snoozin N' Cruisin

Travel is a fact of life - so why not be comfortable while you're en route to your destination?

View Snoozin N' Cruisin About Snoozin N' Cruisin

Stock and Store

Looking for a quick and easy way to organize your fridge?

View Stock and Store About Stock and Store

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