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Unleashing Creativity and Entrepreneurship

A Sneak Peek into the 2023-24 JA Companies

compilation of product and activity photos
compilation of product and activity photos

Image caption: Get ready to meet the 2022-23 JA Companies!

Let's face it: it's frightening to go out on a limb to start your own business. You know what's even more terrifying? Doing so when you're a teen.

Yet every year, high schoolers in the JANCO footprint do just that, turning conceptual ideas into actual profit as part of the JA Company Program ®. Students spend a year learning about business planning, market segmentation, proto-typing and product manufacturing, and finances. We are proud to share information on the 2023-24 JA Companies and the upcoming JA Entrepreneurship Challenge & Expo.

Dive into the 23-24 JA Student Companies

The heart of the JA Company Program lies in the student companies, where young minds come together to transform ideas into tangible products and services. From tech startups to eco-friendly initiatives, the diversity of these ventures is bound to captivate your imagination. The program cultivates essential skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and financial literacy, setting the stage for a new generation of business leaders.

Ready to meet the teams?

Age Well – Claymont High School

Wellness kit to promote thriving lifesytles.

View Age Well's profile page

Aromify - Lake High School

Fragrant product to ease anxiety and promote well-being.

View Aromify's profile page

Beelightful - Hoover High School

Small-batch crafted, eco-friendly beeswax melts. 

View Beelightful's profile page

Blossom - Lake High School

Eco-conscious company focused on combatting deforestation with a plant-for-plant giveback program.

View Blossom's profile page

BUMI - Lake High School

Embrace sustainable living with eco-conscious products, designed to combat plastic waste.

View BUMI's profile page

Candy Culture - GlenOak High School

At Candy Culture, the goal is simple and sweet: to spread cultural unity through candy.

View Candy Culture's profile page

EcoVoyage - Jackson High School

Your provider of eco-friendly traveling essentials to help your wanderings leave all kinds of footprints, just not the environmental kind.

View EcoVoyage's profile page

FlameGuard - Jackson High School

Company dedicated to fire safety with diverse products and kits.

View FlameGuard's profile page

Flashback - GlenOak High School

It's not just a time capsule - it's an invitation to Flashback to special moments in your life.

View Flashback's profile page

HATARI - Lake High School

Company dedicated to help preserve and raise awareess of African endangered species.

View HATARI's profile page

Luv You - Lake High School

It's not just a hoodie; it's a reminder that You Are Loved.

View Luv You's profile page

Mission Monarch - Hoover High School

Company devoted to saving monarch butterflies and their habitats, one seed bomb at a time.

View Mission Monarch's profile page

Plant Haven - GlenOak High School

Therapy gardening kit complete with everything needed to start your own miniature indood garden.

View Plant Haven's profile page

Project Pet - GlenOak High School

Project Pet is all about crafting eco-friendly beds for the four-footed critters in your family.

View Project Pet's profile page

Radical Patches - GlenOak High School

Express yourself with custom leather patches from Radical Patches.

View Radical Patches's profile page

Sensory Adventures - Barberton High School

Themed sensory kits crafted specifically for sensory or tactile exploration.

View Sensory Adventures's profile page

Tie Together - Barberton High School

Collaboration with Project Outrun to raise cancer awareness with a unique product.

View Tie Together's profile page

WeEat - Hoover High School

Alternative to traditional food containers made of plastic.

View WeEat's profile page


Explore the Entrepreneurial Journey: JA Entrepreneurship Challenge & Expo (April 18, 2024)

The excitement doesn't end with the student companies. Mark your calendars for the upcoming JA Entrepreneurship Challenge & Expo on April 18, 2024. This event promises to be a celebration of innovation and a showcase of the remarkable achievements of these young entrepreneurs. Get ready to witness live pitches, interactive exhibits, and the unveiling of groundbreaking ideas that could shape the future.

The JA Company Program is a beacon of hope for fostering creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship among high school students. As we look forward to the upcoming JA Entrepreneurship Challenge & Expo, let's celebrate the achievements of these young visionaries and cheer them on as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned for more updates and be part of the inspiring narrative of the JA Company Program.

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